I’m not very good at documenting my work. I realised this when I decided to set up a facebook ‘artist’ page, to use as a tool to separate images of my work from personal posts .

Where is my work???

I’ve spent hours and hours, searching files on both my laptop, the old pc I don’t use any more and endless discs that have been stuffed in drawers and forgotten about.  Absolutely no order or logic in filing them .

Most of my work hasn’t been documented anyway. I work on it and then show it (sometimes) and then it’s abandoned. Forgotten. No record.

It was important to ME in my head, but not necessary for the eyes of others.

So how did I get to this subject? Well…..in the last couple of weeks, I was introduced to two artists on two separate occasions. We had a chat and they asked me what I did…

Even though I move in similar circles (or so I thought) and my CV appears better, there was no recognition of me or my work. That’s no major concern I know, but I had heard of them.

Why is that?  What are they doing to make their profile more obvious than mine?

I discussed it with another artist and he suggested a facebook page.   I’m not sure about this, but I set it up and will load it with a variety of things I’ve done.  Even commercial things which I would never show on my website.

It feels like a loathsome thing to do (IMO) but do or die as they say.





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