The interesting outcome of setting up the facebook artist  page is that so many people have said to me ‘I thought you just worked with paper’.


Although I haven’t got a large following yet, I like the fact that people I don’t know are liking the page. I’m going in the right direction then.

I was talking to one of my work colleagues yesterday about it and she suggested I  use instagram as well.  Not really sure how that works with building an audience, but as its free, there’s nothing to lose eh?

Finding the time to do all this promotion though is really hard. Using things like axisweb isn’t working at all, so I probably won’t renew my membership for that.  The biggest hits to my website come from twitter funnily enough, so I’ll keep tweeting.

Now though,  I’ve finally got a whole weekend off, so I really must get down to the studio to do some work.