A few days from now,  I will be on a flight to Stockholm, along with fellow SCI ( and AIR ) members Elena Thomas, Jo Brown, Michael Borkowsky and Catherine Harrison.

I have been trying to find the time to write more about it, but you know how it is… working 6 out of the last 7 days and finishing off my work for the exhibition in the evenings, blogging is really low on the list of priorities.  I feel out of practice as well now, so I’m hoping this blog will be easier reading than my writing of it is :(

But here I am, sitting at the kitchen table on my one day off before we leave. I’ve started packing and done a heap of washing, and although the sun is beckoning me to go outside, I’ll try to get things up to date on here first.


This will be the 4th International SCI (pronounced SKY) exhibition in as many years. (The first being at Small projects in Tromso, 2nd The Stockholm Art Fair – where really, this whole collaboration lark really escalated, Jamestown NY -as a result of meetings at the Art Fair  …and now this one – again through networking at the fair)

I set up SCI as a sister group to the long established Soup Collective and the collaborations, exhibitions and projects have escalated over the years. More info here    and on my other blog

Hopefully the others will be blogging about the exhibition too, but if not, I will update on my return.

It is a little nerve-wracking and will probably take some of us out of comfort zones – especially as we will be expected to talk (while being filmed) about our work to the audience.  Nothing ventured though I guess…

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