I actually took a notebook with me to Sweden – one of my own handmades. The intention was, that I write down notes every day, ideas, lists of names, places, filling in the pages with little drawings.  Then I would transfer the information to this blog on my return.

I wrote the first page on the flight over….then I didn’t open it again :(

I know it was only a short visit, but its been hard to adjust since I got home. I went straight back to work, thinking that I would appreciate saving my leave for later in the year.  Maybe I will…but it meant that I felt incredible tired for nearly a week.

It was a mix of lack of sleep over there, constant stimuli and endless talking I think. No time for an hour or so on my own, as I would have at home, to re charge.

Work, then straight into preparing for the next exhibition…

The thing that connects the two exhibitions though (the Swedish one and the LightNight Liverpool one on 15 May) is that they are/were both pop up ones.  Things that I wouldn’t have considered a year ago.

Its given me the ability to scale down my work considerably and be more spontaneous.   No more time consuming large scale paper installations for me  (for a  while anyway)

Its been good to work on new ideas.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the work has become more ‘throwaway’, but its certainly less precious.

I can’t show an image of the new work yet as it will form part of a trail that’s kind of secret.  All will be revealed after Friday : http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-liverpool/special-event/lightnight-2015-tate-liverpool