This is just a brief update on my recent work.

For the benefit of new readers to my blog,  I like to pick things up…..

The advantage of having dogs is that I can explore places I wouldn’t go into on my own,  the depths of the woods for example, or places not many other walkers have crossed for a while.

So while out one day, I came across a small piece of lino sticking out of the mud.  Tugging on it, I uncovered a largish section of ornate blue and white pattern.  Possibly from the 60’s by the look of it.

I wondered – ‘How many people have sat at the kitchen table, with this below them, drinking, talking…?

I tried to recreate the pattern by using tea that I myself  had drunk… painstakingly laid out and dried, mixed with glue and paste to bind.

A reminder of my own thoughts…