I’m sitting here waiting for a call from the garage to see if my car has passed its MOT. (or not :( )

Sitting doing nothing basically, as I can’t really start anything in case I need to go out.

Updating my blog always slips my mind, but now seems appropriate to do something useful with this ’empty’ time.

Hmm…so my last post was weeks ago and as it was a bit of a moan, I suppose it looks like I’ve been sulking in all this time.

That couldn’t be further than the truth though as I’ve been running around, exhibiting, going to artists talks and generally just enjoying life (using up 4 days of my leave has contributed immensely to my welfare!!)

Sooo….the biggest thing was going up to Sheffield for the PV of ‘Flux’ (which I have work in) at Exchange St Studios.   It was nice to go up and stay over so that I could not only relax at the PV, but also take a walk round the city and experience Castlegate festival the next day.

The good thing about combining the exhibition with the festival, is that there have been absolutely loads of visitors.

I was even invited to take part in a textile exhibition up there in late summer, which reiterates a point I made in one of my earlier posts – the best exhibitions have come out of talking to other artists.

While in Sheffield, I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in years. She left a comfortable job in London, to go back to Uni to study creative writing, ‘up north’. It was interesting to talk about comparisons between writing and ‘making art’, and the difficulties faced. Yeah… we’ve both had that ‘work 5 days in the job and do your own work in the other 2′ ,…then realise weeks down the line that you hadn’t actually been out and done normal things.

Then there’s the competitions and the anger of the 50 shades of grey mentality of the book buying public, rather than something more creative.

Yeah yeah…probably the same goes for musicians. We’re all in it together though, which is kind of good.

So basically, for the last few weeks, I’ve been working on average 4 days a week (using leave in between) It’s not a huge amount of time off, but it has given me time to socialise, do work and just generally think through some ideas.

I feel charged again  :)



FLUX Gallery Tour https://www.facebook.com/events/101442366868656/