This week, I’ve been concentrating on filling in my work roster for the next three months, and figuring out how I can make the ten days leave I have left, stretch to the end of February.

To most people, ten days would be fine – a couple of weeks away, what more can you want? To me though, it means using up a few to curate the book exhibition in October and perhaps run a related workshop or two, at least one to install an exhibition in January, a few just for me over Christmas to see family and friends… I need at least two to carry over for after February as there’s a possibility we will exhibit overseas again…. and I need a couple set aside as a contingency in case anything pops up (as it has several times this year already ) …. sigh…nothing over for me OR to spend time on my own work.

I’ve stretched my time as well as I could this year, travelling a fair bit with exhibitions, including the one in Sweden, but lately, I’ve been seriously considering taking a month’s unpaid leave to concentrate on my own work. It will be a real struggle financially, but I’m trying to find ways around it.

Looking at the Arts Councils Development fund, the artists needs to be freelance or self-employed, which seems a bit unfair. Just because we work, doesn’t necessarily mean that we earn more – especially those of us working in the arts. I wonder if that goes all for arts funding?

Anyway… things are going well with the book exhibition I’m curating. The nearby library has agreed to let me use their space too, so that means there will be a really good triangle between the Gallery, the library and my studio space.

I went to a PV last night and saw that they had unused display cabinets lying in the corridor.  There’s a possibility I can use them for the library part of the exhibition, which is really quite fortuitous!

Tired today though… Bank Holiday for some , but not for me.  Yawn  :-(