According to social media, on this day  two years ago, I was ‘off to the AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation consultation for invited artists at Castlefield Gallery‘.

Six years ago, I was commissioned to design one of the penguins that were to be installed around Liverpool.

Although I try not to over use Social media, it is an interesting tool to see how my career has been shaping.

Six years ago, I was still part time. It was great having the time to try new ideas and experiment with my own work, but not so great to have the bills that couldn’t be paid.

But hey ho..

Today has been a bit of a chaotic day off. I was due to meet up with a reviewer to look at my book exhibition at the gallery.  For some reason though, she thought she’d go to my studio first – while I of course went to the gallery. It was then after waiting half an hour with no show, I realised that I’d left my phone still charging at home. Should I wait longer or go home and get it??

I went home… only to find several frantic messages.  Buggar.

I got to the studio, where thankfully, Brigitte (studio manager) had provided coffee and both were deep in conversation about the studio plans by the time I got there.

The Williamson is only 5 mins walk from the studio, but with the mix up, the hour long interview turned into three .

It was good though – its always very useful to be asked about projects as it makes me think about why I’ve done something. Its so easy to say that I’ve done something because it felt right at the time, but while being prompted, I suddenly realise Well actually, this happened and then I saw this..and that made me want to explore this ..etc etc…

I enjoyed that.

Shopping, dog walks and washing, meant my day off was virtually done. Back to work again tomorrow.

Please let me win the lottery so that I can go back to part time :(