Yesterday, I travelled up to Leeds with a friend to see the British Art Show at Leeds art Gallery.

We got there by 10.30, after leaving early to avoid the traffic . Not bad going really.

Although I’d been to the Henry Moore Institute (next door) a couple of times, I don’t think I’d actually been to Leeds Art gallery before.  Its an imposing building, with so many impressive features including the relatively recent uncovering of the hall café with its beautiful Victorian tiles.

The first artwork (film) I came across (as it was closest to the loos!) was ‘Children of the unquiet’ by Mikhail Karikis. It was absolutely mesmerising and I sat through the entire thing, which is rare for me.

I did like a lot of the work on display, but to be honest, I didn’t think it was outstanding. Maybe its because I’ve worked in a gallery for a long time though. You get this ‘Sameness’ occurring and its hard to see the new in things. Was this meant to be the cream of British art? What made the curators decide who should go in this exhibition?  I only recognised 5 names too which was surprising.

I think I liked the textile works of Linder and also Caroline Achaintre the most, but I need to check over my notes and scribbles to mentally revisit a couple of the others that stuck out.

It was a good end to my 5 busy days off… Exhibition visits – BAS8 and Paul Neagu in Leeds….Niamh O’Malley at the Bluecoat, Liverpool….2 workshops (Ceramics and Tatty Divine necklace making)…4 days in the studio …. and  finally, the chat and assistance in boot making with the cobbler…..

No wonder I was tired in work today. (tired…but invigorated :-) )