I think I’ll try to concentrate on what’s actually happening with my own work today rather than everything else in my life. I need to stay focussed.

This year has seen massive changes in how I’m working.   Its hard to pinpoint when it actually started…. maybe last year sometime..?  I started to think how much time and effort I was putting into my own work, but not actually getting anywhere with it. It felt like I was on a treadmill.

So I withdrew for a while…and just thought….and thought.

Then I threw things out.

Boxes and boxes of paper installations – slowly gathering dust in my studio and at home. That’s the problem with installations, once they are shown, its hard to show them again.

Its horrible throwing out your own work. You cling on to each piece remembering how much time it took, the hard work planning and designing, the blisters and cuts on your fingers …… You wish everyone appreciated it as much as you did.

I reached the last few boxes and found I couldn’t do it. They couldn’t go, but couldn’t stay either.

I did a callout… does anyone want them? Desperately hoping they would.

Yes, they will be recycled for a children’s workshop at the Williamson Art Gallery. They will live on.

While dropping them off at the gallery, I looked around the degree show . Its a good one –  check out the Instagram  images on https://www.instagram.com/anartistsinfo/ 

I wonder how many of these artists will reach the same crisis point so many years from now?