It seemed a bit crazy to have a day trip while in the midst of so much chaos at the moment. Every spare second of my spare time has been accounted for and yet, I had this mad idea to take a mini break.

For our forthcoming exhibition – opening next week, we’re exhibiting with , among others, a couple of artists from Harrington Mill studios in Nottingham. We met at the Platforms project in Athens a few years ago and have been friends since.

So in between conversations about OUR exhibition, we were talking about The Great Exhibition of the North in Newcastle and we should go and see it.  We booked train tickets and then kind of never thought about it again until the actual day.

I never do trips without planning. I’d have a map printed out and a full itinerary… but because my head has been mush and I’ve had so much to do. Planning went out of the window.

We turned up and just bumbled along.

The trail itself was a bit disorganised and some to be honest, wasn’t worth seeing, but it was a good day – despite the rain and the 3 hour train journey.  Its good to be able to relax and unwind, and of course to have a good relationship with fellow exhibitors.

The next day, they travelled down to Liverpool to deliver their work.  We met by Liverpool St Johns Market (where we will be exhibiting) dropped the work off there to store and then headed over to see the John Moores exhibition at the Walker.

Hmmmm…. didn’t like it.  In all of our opinions, it was the weakest selection  of work there for many years. Going into the room of past exhibitors (which is fabulous!) we thought how the recent work would stand up against these.

Going home, I sat in the garden for a bit and just thought about what a great 2 days off work  I’d had.  Sometimes its hard to keep going, but little perks like this make it all worth while.