Right. I’m back.

2010 was a fairly arduous year for me, truth be told, but what doesn’t kill you etc etc. I turned 40 on the winter solstice, and I feel better for it! The magic ingredients included: A lunar eclipse seen only in my imagination (went in the garden in my nightie but couldn’t see the moon due to the pennines) – a grand party in a snowy yurt camp with the best people you could want to be with – a Rob Ryan cloth-kit skirt to challenge my seamstress skills (currently non-existent) – what could be better?! In the words of my favourite birthday card: ‘Amazingly enough, I don’t give a shit!’

New energy brings new plans, so – here we go…

I never managed to reconcile myself with the idea of having one meeting in Yorkshire and an online community of artist parents. If there’s one thing I’ve heard from parents it’s that they need to meet face to face, to get out of their domestic bubble and into the world.

So I girded my loins/gritted my teeth/took the bull by the horns – and wrote another Arts Council bid. We’ll hear in a few weeks, so be patient. I know lots of you are cooking up some interesting plans and events, so I hope it comes together.