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As I take a week off from being on site, I’ve been wondering what has been achieved so far this year. Here are some thoughts and a few images from the past three weeks.

At the start, I filled a gap in my narrative by drawing the site as it was uncovered before the dig.

Then I continued drawing and waited for stuff to happen. Initially, I thought Trench J might be the one to follow but, although interesting, progress is subtle and slow.

By contrast Trench Y has moved fast and, despite failing to produce anything clear, there have been many excitements.  To date, amid a lot of rubble, they have found some rare pieces of whale bone, two hearths side by side and today some small walls suggesting a building.

Any big wall surrounding the site remains elusive – and may not have ever existed.

In this fluidity in the archaeology, I can see echoes of my project. This may be my third year on site but I still don’t know where this long term residency is heading – and my feet are definitely not touching the bottom. This is something I love.

So I will return on August 1st, meanwhile I’ll be keeping up with events through the daily dig diary at www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk