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Despite my cavalier attitude yesterday, today I made a list of things to do in the remaining two weeks. It consists mainly of portraits, which are my preferred way of having conversations with the archaeologists. Some people are shy of being drawn so I always offer the option of not using their portrait in my film, as it is their voices that are most useful.

Ray, who found and excavated yesterday’s pot in Trench J, sat for me this morning. He is not sure why he comes to dig year after year – it just draws him in.

Another on my list is to revisit Trench T from the viewpoint where I painted ‘Blue Rope’ in watercolour in 2016.

The trench is now much bigger and more complex, and today I began work on an oil painting. This was only half done by tea time and will have to be completed tomorrow – weather permitting.

When I had stopped painting, there was only time for a quick sketch of equipment being returned to the shed.