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A day of contrary expectations and trauma. I should know better that to have any expectations of Orkney weather. Hot soup for lunch and extra clothing resulted in a fine sunny day with a mild breeze rather than fierce wind. Thinking it wouldn’t last, I seized the opportunity to paint a landscape, which will become a background in my film.

As the weather remained fine I decided to do another after lunch – but got waylaid by the need to draw the group working in the Finds Hut as some were leaving today.

Preparing to return to my watercolour, I realised my brush was missing – trauma… It is a particularly beautiful, large sable brush, and for many years it is the only one I have used for watercolour. Having retraced my steps many times, I was beginning to get used to its momentous loss, when it was brought back to me in the Art Hut. To celebrate I immediately painted another watercolour, which I dedicate to Rick, a supervisor in Trench T.