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It has been suggested that my work on human activity at the dig should be linked to the official Ness of Brodgar documentation – specifically when I draw a find being excavated the drawing should reference the context number of the artefact. So when I publish the image there should be a link to the Ness archive – and vice versa, a link from their archive to my artwork. I’m not sure how this will be done in my film but presumably there is a digital solution.

Beginning as I mean to go on, this is a drawing of Jo working on a hearth (context number 6311) in Structure 8.

And here is a piece of red sandstone (context number 8736), which Martha the Rock Lady gave me because it makes such a great pigment.

It is good to know that my ‘human context’ is valued – and I find that the human element cannot be underestimated. Cristina, the new supervisor in Trench T, says that although the archaeology is important, it is the people she works with that matter most. She really enjoys working with students and volunteers, because she loves teaching and also values the commitment of volunteers. Interestingly, her own delight in archaeology is learning something new everyday.

Finally a drawing of Professor Scott Pike flying the drone – what is missing from the picture is the Director’s dog trying to catch it. Next time…

The Ness of Brodgar web site is: www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk