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Rain all day. So no good for drawing on site apart from sketching the archaeologists from the door of the Art Hut, during a wet tea break.

The alternative activity was to annotate my sketchbooks, adding the date, place and people to each page. I also need to add in the archaeological context where relevant, so I made a list and began making enquiries for specific numbers. At this point I discovered there are many possible numbers involved – finds, small finds, finds deposits, not to mention numerous contexts and deposits. Out of this confusion I just want to find a simple link (via a number) between my drawings and the Ness of Brodgar archive. This makes me ponder on our differences.

Archeology has a highly detailed methodology – the opposite of any method I employ. In my work, every drawing, painting, or conversation is a spontaneous reaction with no boundaries. The only restrictions are my ability as an artist and my inhibitions in social interaction.