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The Ness of Brodgar Project Manager, who is in charge of finds, together with the resident geologist ‘The Rock Lady’ encourage me to experiment in mark making with rocks from the site.  These are usually silt stone or sandstone.

For the past two years I have made ‘spot’ paintings using a range of mediums for each rock: dry marks, mixed with water, and ground in beef fat. It is a mock scientific experiment in which I simply enjoy the amazing range of colours apparent through different amounts of iron oxide – from the palest pinks and ochres through to dark ‘Venetian’ reds.

Today, by way of a rest from contemplating my relationship with archaeology, I returned to play with pigments.  Any suitable rock is put in a bag with a sample of its dry mark on paper.  There are a lot of them, and more to do. I’ve not yet decided what the next stage will be…

Meanwhile, sketchbook drawing continues to monitor progress in my favourite trenches, and as I had the Art Hut to myself today, I was able to do a portrait of Therese – who found a beautiful axe head last year.