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My random sketches and sound recordings are the raw material for at least two outcomes – to date, a film and a book.  The book, which will consider the role of perceptual art in other areas of research, is a thing of the future but the thoughts expressed in this blog are a sketchy start. The film, currently in production, aims to be a reflection of activity on site at the Ness of Brodgar dig – an impression of the everyday process of archaeology. Archaeologists come and go for different periods of time – some new this season and some returning over many years. They also come from near (down the road in Orkney) and far (from all over the world, including Australia).  The edit I was working on this morning (while rain stopped digging) combines voices from across the years in one scene. Voices of the Geomatics team who have left now speak with newcomers who never met them. It is starting to give a sense of being here rather than a diary of events.

Today’s random drawing looks across the main trench, with small groups of people working together – or at least if not ‘together’, in the same small space.

And a quick watercolour of the incoming weather as a backdrop to the spoil heap and pile of tyres.