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A continuation from last night’s ‘taster’ blog about my talk at The Museum of Morbid Anatomy in Brooklyn.
I’ve had a rest, eaten plenty of carbs to ground me, and can step away from the post performance high to write about the experience with distance and hopefully a bit of clarity.
The Morbid Anatomy Museum is a non profit space that is an extension of the Morbid Anatomy Blog and Library. Aside from containing a wonderful and odd exhibition area, the building has a cafe, store, event space and gives a home to an intellectual salon that brings together artists, curators and passionate amateurs dedicated to ‘the things that fall through the cracks’.
In many ways the Museum represents an aspect of New York art that I’ve needed to experience to get a more full image of’ ‘the scene’. Non profit, off the wall and dynamic, but run with a professional passion that ensures its funding, the Museum is inspirational.
I’d been both worried and intrigued how my presentation would go down with Americans and also was curious to know if a U.S audience would ‘get me’ more than the British public. As a New Zealander (albeit one that is lived in the UK for many years) I’m very aware that the way I assemble information and interpret reality often differs from the British methodology. Coming from a relatively young culture built onto an old land with an indigenous tradition and little assimilation of these facets, there is a distinct contrast with England which has had centuries of integration of traditions. Britain could be seen to have more accessibility to the treasures of the past, but also perhaps, more difficulty in subverting it.
My talk went down very well, and to an extent I was right in my ability to relate well to an American audience who were very open to my tandem spinning. The audience were also inspiringly multi cultural, something which I have felt is lacking in the places I’ve spoken in, in the UK.
One thing about New York, is it is driven. I work incredibly hard, but I must admit that the energy and passion that is thrown into projects here, is overwhelming. Everything is possible, everything is an opportunity, and sleep is not an option.