The summer has been a period settling deeper into the Jungian and alchemical teachings that have resulted from our bursary funded “night shaking” project. Dean and myself have continued in our personal readings and researching of the subject matter but have both felt the recent months have been about assimilating the learning on a deep and personal level.

During these months we have been physically making work in the studio but have both noticed a shift in that the objects and paintings produced are almost by-products of the living process that has become the “true art”.

Symbolic Alchemy is known as the Royal Art, an eternal art of transformation. We have been researching this inner alchemy as a symbolic representation of Jung’s individuation process and how it maps onto our personal lives – our own mercurial journeys.

We have connected to the personal unconscious through active imagination activities and have been unpacking symbols within the collective unconscious such as key characters and events in greek mythology.

As we enter the final official months of our project, planning our final research trip, we both are realising that this labyrinth we have entered will be one we will be journeying deeper into indefinitely.