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ok folks…
not so many words
just a song…

and credit where credit is due:

Lyrics: Elena Thomas
Music: Simon Coverdale

Vocal: Elena Thomas
Acoustic Guitar: Simon Coverdale
Electric guitar: Dan Whitehouse
Bass: Dave Sutherland

Production: Dan Whitehouse


Invisibility is not a Super-Power
(click on the blue to go straight to the track on soundcloud)

Invisibility is not a super power

Curse of the middle aged woman

I could dye my hair orange

and wear silver shoes and no one would bat an eye


I’ve never been the sort to turn heads

But at least I am seen if they look

I might get a man to gaze in my eyes

At least if he wanted a ffff…..


I’m not 24 – not any more

I don’t have skin like a peach

I’ve laughed all my wrinkles in place

Touch me I’m not out of reach


Invisibility is not a super power

But sometimes it helps

I walk this life all on my own

I get a good view from this shelf


You’ve no idea of the power that you have

When you look at me with those blue eyes

The fact that you see me at all makes me shiver

And any resistance just dies