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I have spent the day in the studio with Bo Jones.
Those of you that have been reading my blog a while, or who know us, will know what a trial this has been.

He is a pain in the bum to be frank.

But, as I have said before, he is the only one I trust to ask the tricky questions. He is the one that isn’t bothered about upsetting me. He insists on his questions being answered, and laughs at me while I fluff about for an answer.

He often makes me feel stupid and complacent and lazy.

A visitation from Bo is like being artistically poked with a very sharp stick.

He also said he could probably write this blog post for me, because he knows exactly what I will write! Smart Arse…. but yes, he probably can. That’s the thing about smart arses, they are usually right.


So… questions to ask then:

  • How are the bras related to the songs?
  • Are the bras or songs not strong enough on their own?
  • Why nine bras? wouldn’t three/six/seven/or more likely one say the same?
  • Is “nine” just an affectation? (oh I expect so)
  • Am I happy with that to be the case even if I end up choosing say five bras and seven songs?
  • I said I wanted all the songs done, and all the bras made, and then I would go through a selection process. Trouble is, by committing myself to this nine women concept, has that selection, in a sense, already been made?
  • Is that Ok?
  • Am I happy for that to be the case, at least for the July show in Dudley?
  • The reason this project carries on after the July show is so that I can continue to explore it, show it in different ways. Make some adjustments and developments.
  • How am I avoiding tautology? (I don’t think I am avoiding it!) (am I bothered?) (should I be?)


Bo likes the drawings.

The drawings were originally almost like a documentary evidence sort of thing, but I like them too. He’s the second person this week to say they are architectural/topographical…. how do they relate to the songs? Or to the altered, more sculptural bras? I think they deserve some sort of place here… but I’m not sure. Also, the drawings are saleable. This is no small consideration.

I suspect, what I have – or will – end up with are actually three lots of work, each that are able to stand alone. My question will be then, either before or after July will be how do I do that? I could do with some experienced curators etc to come look at this and talk to me about it.
(or I could really punish myself and ask Bo back)

My initial reaction, is to do the show as I planned. (“Cop out!” shouts Bo.) Nine bras, nine songs. Get them up in the space. Invite discussion and critique. Record this all, then spend August re-evaluating what I have, so that by the end of 2015, I have indeed moved on. What I’m thinking is that changing the plan before July is getting ahead of myself. At the moment, I don’t have anything concrete to review or evaluate.

I shall be interested to hear what Debra says about how the work in the combination of garment and song, is received in New York.

I acknowledged that the pressure is on when you get funding, to provide what you have said you will provide.

Don’t worry Arts Council, you will. Actually you have already got more for your money than promised. I’m getting more out of it than expected too.

My biggest ambition for this year though, is that I start 2016 in a different place. That I will have skills I didn’t have before, I will have experience I didn’t have before, and that I see a way forward.

I hope to god Bo or I don’t ever say anything that upsets us, and we stop being friends, because actually I have got more out of today than I have working and thinking on my own for the last couple of months.

He also said this blog has become my comfort blanket. Don’t care.

Over the next few weeks while I process all of this, I expect there will be doubts about what I’ve done so far, and where I’m headed. This is actually a good thing, because when it has all been thought about, I will come out of the other end with a fairer and firmer view of what I’m doing.

My brain is fizzing, and it hurts. I’m off home to lie down in a darkened room.

Did I miss anything out, Bo?