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(From Arlanda Airport)

I know I’ve said before that meeting people you’ve met online is a joy!
When you’ve had meaningful exchanges about life, art, and so on, you get to know someone’s view of life.
I’ve met Franny Swann, Wendy Williams, Julie Dodd, Sophie Cullinan, David Minton, Kate Murdoch, Marion Michell, soon Sophie Boue I’m sure…..Ermmm…. who else? Wow! Loads!

This weekend I met Stuart Mayes, an English artist living in Stockholm. Stuart and I have been conversing over our blogs for a few years now. We have established some common ground and some interesting differences. When I decided I was coming over to Sweden I got in touch, just to see if it was at all possible to meet up after all this time. It seemed too great a coincidence to not make it happen. Stuart felt the same. After a variety of texts and phone calls, the timing worked perfectly, and we arranged to meet in the square in Stockholm old town. There we were, in a conspicuous bunch, waiting and looking out for a man I thought I would probably recognise from a photo I once saw….

And there he was!
Big hugs!

It was like meeting an old friend. The rest of the bunch went to look around, while Stuart and I found a bar, drank tea and ate enormous cinnamon rolls. Delicious.

And oh my goodness we talked each other’s ears off! We chattered and nattered like we had known each other for years. It was just one of those things… I’m sure you know what I mean. We talked about the Louise Bourgeois show, trying to make a living, studio practice, the importance of the support of other artists….. And weirdly, people we knew in common! Small world! We laughed and we talked with an earnest seriousness about our work, the absurdity of performance and the different ways we felt about it.
All too soon it was time for us to catch our train. I don’t know about Stuart, but I feel we have unfinished business, and I’m sure we will do it again, as soon as either of us can manage it!

You’re not getting away that lightly Mr Mayes!

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