After my lovely Springer was put to sleep I immersed myself in my work and debated whether or not I wanted another dog. The attraction of extra time in the studio was tempting, on the other hand I could already feel myself sliding back into a cycle of work/eat/sleep. Our Jack Russell is old now, and more than happy with a stroll around the block. We got the dogs in the first place because I was spending far too much time in the studio, and the dogs meant that I had to go out to exercise them. The exercise and change of scenery were good for both mind and spirit, not to mention body. There were pros and cons for another dog, but then we became aware of factors beyond our own wishes: Spending time in France means that a Pet Passport is necessary, and the procedure dictates that we must either get a dog very soon, or wait until next Autumn. To cap it all, the Jack Russell was pining for her companion and had stopped eating.

To cut a long story short, we had a ten hour round trip on Sunday to collect our new dog from a Springer Rescue centre.

She is as mad as a bag of snakes, and explosively enthusiastic for absolutely everything. We had a three hour walk this morning, through the parks and then along the beach. She is now fast asleep on the floor next to the desk, occasionally opening an eye to make sure I don’t go anywhere. I’m knackered too, but in a good way.


The last few days have been very mixed. One of my dogs was put to sleep yesterday. She was 14. For such a long time I have been used to having her asleep under my desk or just outside the studio door, and her absence is strange. I miss her terribly.

The sculpture I have been working on is going well. I am glad to have it at the moment – it forces me to concentrate on what I am doing most of the time because it is so different to what I am used to, but it also gives me moments when I can think about my dog.

One of my drawings was used in the new Axis Web leaflet. I had known about it since before christmas but I just received some copies in the post, and it looks great.

Perhaps I should think about getting another dog. Whilst I can rationalise, our remaining dog can’t. She seems confused.