Is the studio a space, or a state of mind?

It was about this time last year, and in almost identical circumstances, that I was obsessively desperate to be back in my studio. I had work in the Venice Biennale (and I felt that I should be telling the world), and I had some exciting work in progress. I was more prepared this year, and knew what to expect. I would certainly quite like to be in my studio at the moment, there’s no doubt about that, and I am aware that I have been bracing myself for a more profound longing in the near future. This year, since leaving England for a few months, I have had yet more good career news. However, I am now reflecting on how I might be able to turn this isolation from the status quo to some advantage.

I have been considering, in very simplistic terms, what are the differences between this place (and this place could be almost anywhere) and my studio. For all practical purposes, my studio is a space where my I keep my materials and other resources, and where I normally work on a day-to-day basis. I know where everything is.

So, that is what my studio is. In fact it is even simpler than that; apart from a few basics which I could easily replicate, invariably the materials I work with change according to the particular work-in-progress. Therefore I should be able to set up a working space here or anywhere without too much effort. Is there some other kind of intangible connection? Perhaps it is an attitude. What exactly is it, and does it necessarily have to be there? Can I bring it with me?

I came to realise that just by asking the question I have provided my answer. There is nothing ground breaking here, it is simply that I have never given it a second thought. I go to my studio because that is where I have always gone. My studio is just a place of work; what goes on in the studio is in my head. Now that I recognise that, I should be able to work anywhere.

I should add that during my time away from the studio last year I created some of my favourite (and possibly some of my best) pieces of work, and on my return continued working under the cathartic effects.