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This blog post is about 2 things that didn’t work. Realising that I could cook the leaf instead of forcing a pigment change had a very strong impact on my research.

I hope you enjoy my archive of failures and that it saves you some time if you decide to practice this process. Enjoy!


UV lamps

UV lamps release very little light compared to the Sun, and they mainly release UVA light. In order to force a pigment change on a leaf, one needs UVB light mainly as well as large amounts of visible light. If you use a UV lamp, it will cook your leaf, as these lamps release much more heat than light!

Black back printing frame

The majority of the photographers working with printing process use printing frames with black backs.  It doesn’t work for this process as it helps to raise the temperature, and again it will cook the leaf in your printing frame rather than bleaching it!

I hope sharing my research journey with you was useful and encouraging :)