Viewing single post of blog Notes on the chlorophyll printing process

This is a list of small changes I did while I was researching this process and that had a big impact on my research.

  1. Cut the leaf from the plant only when you are about to expose it to sunlight.

    This is because you can only bleach the leaf while it is still alive. If the leaf dries before it bleaches it won’t record any image.  You will need to plan “the cutting” according to the weather forecast, and only take it into action when you are ready to go.

  2. Start the exposure on a sunny day.
    This is because of the same principle mentioned above.  If the leaf dries before it bleaches it won’t record any image.

    4 cloudy days can easily ruin your printing. If the leaf dries and goes brown and curly, no pigments will change from one colour to another.

  3. Mix the fixer when the exposure has finished.
    When clear areas have changed from green to yellow is time to end the exposure. At that precise moment you’ll need to immerse the leaf in the fixer.

    Otherwise, the leaf will dry and curl. Here again, you’ll need to calculate the date that you’ll finish the exposure and prepare for it.The chlorophyll process is simple but requires planning and dedication. This series of posts including the step by step video, should guide you towards successful prints!
    Good luck!