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So, the need to extend one of the basket objects means that I have had to come up with a way to attach a ‘filler’ segment without any surface area to glue it.

So far so good. Then try to disguise the joins within the basket design…not so easy.

But, with a bit of sanding back on the join and lining up the pattern, perhaps adding a single layer of paper to add a 1/4mm of extra height to the inserted piece- I think it will be passable. Which raises an important question; is it ever acceptable to bodge or repair artworks?

Surely if the work is to be respected it must be as perfect as you can make it? Yet, most viewers  wouldn’t even notice the repair in the final image, and it is days of my time I would have to do again…

Personally I think if this was the final object I would have to bite the bullet and re-make it from scratch. But as the ink lines on paper are the final product, I believe with relief printing it is possible to make adjustments and repairs without any reduction of quality. Perhaps it is also related to the scale of the final work here, which might make the repaired section almost unnoticeable anyway. Am I just making excuses for not re-doing it? Perhaps…

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