The children’s first day back to school_ Back home_ I’m picking left over bits from a christmas cracker, finding appropriate space for the new toys, other than the middle of the kitchen floor or the overcrowded breakfast bar.

Still looking for that one present, a CD of “Florence and the machine”, lost in the battle on boxing day.

Picked up my best ever christmas present yesterday; an AJS DD125(the nicest little cruising bike I ever came accross); of Course, in the middle of the recession, can’t afford it but, hey, life’s too short, the recession is too long and the cost of things is only proportional to how much you use and enjoy!(she says)

My little boy cried on going to school this morning and I felt just like him; facing the dawnting prospect of self employment, no work (or too much unpaid work) did not appeal to me.

But it is time for change, or at least for resolutions. Every year I spend December applying for jobs of all sorts(including M&S), submiting work for exhibitions that will never happen, in brief, trying to plant some seeds to grow a full crop of opportunities.

Then January comes in and Winter and a time to retreat and think. My new year resolution is to start nurturing this blog with no pressure of writing the wright or wrong. I wish to use this space as a simple way to develop my thaughts and creativity. After all, this is what an Arts Council Grant should be funding.

I am starting to sense that perhaps the future of my art will not depend so much on how many job applications or submissions I will do but more on embracing joyful discoveries.

Photography is very much on the agenda this year and my first wish is to snick into the college’s dark rooms and play.(after filling in my tax return on time of course)

I also have decided to get a fundraiser on board of ” A Thousand Sheep” so we can create satellite events, hoping to raise awareness of the projects’ aims and increase community involvement.

I am starting a regurar evening spinning workshop very soon, using the winter months to revive skills and hobbies forgotten since television; People come and meet, chat, drink tea and spin wool for the project.

Happy creativity to all!