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When I was a small child just starting school we used to have Friday afternoons off, until they decided to increase productivity…

Today felt like that as I skipped out of the studio at 1.30pm to go and collect Zach.  The sun was shining and I felt glad to be out in it after yesterday’s 13-hour marathon.  A rough night last night with him teething meant I would never have managed another day like that anyway, and as it was I managed to do what I hoped to do (for once) within the four and a half hours.

The day began by moving all the wing panels, front side up/exposed, into what I have dubbed the ‘butcher’s room’ for its macabre plastic hanging door.  That way, once I graphite and glaze the rear sides on Monday, they can dry as removed as possible from the sanding etc. going on outside.  Finished three layers of top coat on each panel, more or less to my satisfaction, though there are couple of minor glitches. They can wait until Aarhus though, I can’t believe they will survive the journey without touching up needed anyway, though I can’t emphasise enough how much I hope not too much.   The light in there is almost entirely artificial, so applying the coffee cream shade on top of white undercoat it was virtually impossible to rely on what my eyes were telling me in terms of coverage: with limited space to manoeuvre I became snow blind, and had to rely more on my motor sensory capacity to tell if I was moving evenly across the surface.  As I left the studio, a lovely shaft of sunlight was coming in through the skylight and everything looked wonderfully peaceful.  A day’s break now, until Sunday.