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Sitting slightly guiltily enjoying the sunshine: after days of unsettled weather today is glorious. Spent the morning preparing more surfaces ie sanding and filling! After yesterday’s experience I am determined to give the filler longer to dry. And I have more time, it being Kristi Himmelfart day (love that name. .Ascension Day in English) Radu is home with Zach and I have the whole day.

I expected there not to be a soul around but I have had one or two encounters. Mostly though it’s the seagulls for company and the sound of an airplane enthusiast going about in his or her little propeller plane.  In a week this baby’ll be on her way to Aarhus, in a month the show’ll be half way through and in two she’ll just be scrap wood and metal again..

Well. ..if I’d known how hard I’d work later on there’d have been no guilt.  On the train home now, at 8.30pm. Once again I massively underestimated the time needed. Finishing the undercoating feels like a task I will  never finish. Up against these surfaces my paint gun feels little better than an aerosol can.  I am like a gnat trying to paint the Eiffel tower.  Tomorrow Mikkel and Lars will be working so I will be limited in what I can do, but since I didn’t even start on the back two panels today, I’m sure I’ll find something.

Once again again I wonder why????  I try to console myself that it’s in the artist’s nature to attempt the impossible!