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A nasty moment to begin with today. I was a bit nervous about starting the top coat. After all, minor blemishes in the undercoat can somehow be disguised, but the top coat has to be perfect. I mixed up the paint, ready to start, and nothing came out of the spray gun. Sometimes it can take a moment for the paint to start flowing, but here, definitely nothing.  There was airflow, enough paint, I checked the nozzle and pipe going into the paint were clear. Nothing.  Thoughts like, have I time to go to Silvan and buy another,  flashing through my head.  I  tried the Black and Decker helpline in Slough. .office closed, must be a Bank Holiday today in England.  In Denmark, bravely attempting to explain my problem in Danish.  Kundeservice told me  to take the gun back to the shop where I bought it, and had no more suggestions, saying it must be a blockage inside the pistol.  I’ve been faithfully flushing it through every evening, and decided to give that a go.  Put warm soapy water in the container, and turned the pressure to max.  Water started flowing: bingo!!

Thereafter things went smoothly today.  I love the colour of the top coat, so hard won, bless the helpful guy in Silvan Nørrebro.  It’s like coffee cream, or cappuccino, and almost smells as good.  It seems less temperamental than the undercoat too and went on quite smoothly.  I even finished with time to spare and cleaned the pistol thoroughly.  My mind is starting to turn to how things will work during the installation, and how to prepare for it.  Tomorrow should be the last day in this studio.