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Lying in bed in this cosy little wooden hut, I feel a bit like an explorer updating my blog. Being Scandinavian summer it is still quite light outside at 10pm and it is perfectly peaceful in this campsite in the woods.

I arrived in Århus at 4pm, miraculously the bus arrived bang on time; for a 4 hour journey that’s not bad! I went straight to the site and was greeted by my sculpture under a billowing tarpaulin but no one else.  Soon Axel Arnott, the curator of the exhibition, turned up in a zippy little bug car. Amazing that a year ago we last met in this spot just after my piece was accepted for the time flies.  We spent about half an hour pacing out where the sculpture might be placed before tomorrow, then he was off and I set out to find the campsite.  It emerged that a bus only runs on weekends so I set off walking. It was a gorgeous walk through the beech woods above the sea and I could smell fish on the air.  I kept seeing pegs denoting where sculptures will be, and at one point glimpsed the circular pier which looked great.  Now about to get some sleep; the day starts at 8 and I’ll be leaving at 7.20 to walk through the woods.