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A crazy couple of days. Up at 6, leaving my hut at 7 and walking through the woods to the site. That and the breakfast call home helped me overcome the weariness, stiffness and footsore-ness to face the day ahead. Yesterday was very difficult weather wise and I don’t feel very proud of how I handled it. I really started to feel frustrated and stressed. The problem was that even a short rainshower would halt the painting for ages as it was damp air and the droplets would remain on the surface for ages.  I retreated to the rear side and we had to abandon all efforts at 6, wrapping the facade up for the night once again.  All this without even mentioning the fact that my paint gun chose this moment to give up completely; I tried flushing it through,  taking it apart, but finally was forced to go to buy a new one..driven by the gorgeous young Sofus in his camper van home. .

The evening was saved by the fact that I went for dinner with my neighbouring artist, Hilde Danielsen from Norway, and her helper. I like her piece, Time goes by, very much and it was a convivial evening.  Radu and I talked as usual in the evening and the result is I’m now on my way home as planned (this time on the ferry crossing to Sjælland which is rather nice since it’s such a fine evening), but will go back again early on Wednesday to continue.  Tomorrow, Tuesday’s, forecast is for rain all day anyway.

Today was the first fine day, with the exception of a few showers around lunchtime. I worked almost exclusively on the front and have effectively finished it. In some lights and from some angles it looks good, others are less flattering, just like a person I suppose. It’s not the perfect,  flawless result I intended but it’s not terrible and certainly I feel it’s a minor triumph given the adverse conditions.  I was nervous about the weather but could never have anticipated such a washout!