Why am I posting? Nothing to post about. Since the Hyacinth — very little. I am trying Amazon Handmade. Sold a couple of pieces after about six weeks, nothing since. It could be ok for prints. I am trying it because it has a good search engine. The sales were invigorating, gave me a surge of energy. Then it fizzled out. I suppose the work is just not good enough. The kind of work that sells well is personalised prints, for things like birthdays etc. I’m not interested in things like that. The phenomenon of being galvanised by a couple of sales was interesting. Like a blood transfusion. I don’t want to be motivated by sales but if it is the case, so be it. After all I’ve been in limbo for going on three years, I’m lucky to be able to make work at all. Maybe it’s more realistic to look at this as a phenomenon to be explored and understood, rather than as something to be resisted.