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So I have the Hyacinth painting in the living room, propped up so I can see it easily from my chair. I’m wondering what to do with the blue background. The overall plan is to add the running dog pattern in the band at the lower edge, and Hyakinthos at upper left edge. Earlier today I had a look at the Greek alphabet in Wikipedia. Debating whether to devote some time to learning it. Instinct says yes.

If I can just concentrate on the painting process. It’s harder than one would think. Also I haven’t yet had a long enough session to get into a state of flow. In flow some of the choices or decisions make themselves. I wonder if it’s that I’m just not there yet? On a different tack, the oil paint is very thick and viscous, it doesn’t go on as smoothly as I’d like. The Liquin should help. I would like to mix large quantities of whatever colours I’m using with the lovely long flexible palette knife.

Anyway I have everything I need now. Paint, mediums, palette, brushes, and space (don’t mind it’s small). Wondering if I should start another one? Instinct says yes to that too