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Today was cleaning day. I spent the afternoon tidying and rearranging my studio space. It involved some tedious sorting through bits and pieces, throwing out empty paint tubes, acrylics that had gone hard, dead pens and so forth. I’d like to be able to switch quickly between acrylics, oils, gouache and drawing. The studio at ESOP gave me some ideas. It’s efficient and well organised, everything has its place. Small things such as palette knives have their own labelled drawer in a lightweight drawer unit. There’s a can of clean turps and a can of used dirty turps with a small funnel. I really like the drawer idea, there are so many odds and ends that, at certain moments, are useful or even vitally necessary, like Richard III (I think) whose kingdom was lost “all for the want of a horse shoe nail.” There’s more stuff to sort through but already the space is more functional and efficient.