Yesterday went to the Costain roadworks site with Liz Morison at Clydach Gorge to see the site from the inside.  We went out on site in safety gear.

Continuing my drawings and etching of plant contours, Plantline, I etched the contours of the landscape into a small prepared plate.  This is currently line etching in Copper Sulphate.

We were in the midst of working machinery with the A465 behind us and the green hills of Clydach rising steeply in front of us.  One of the many new bridges was being built up and later we saw the foundations of a sweeping footbridge over the gorge – Clydach footbridge.

Liz was collecting soil and other debris for her work.

I got photographs and footage of people working on site, in particular focussing on where people touched the land – feet and the machinery moving the soil.



 1000 exciting words
(started for lost library. Intending to keep list with current most exciting editing as I find new additions)

 gems of Clydach

Gave out little gem lettuces to people of clydach as conversation starter to get first hand stories of the area. Especially interested in what activities people do on the land. Very pleased to discover a real – long distance walking shepherd.
Lost Library at Fringe Arts Bath

Considering the inevitable changes our libraries are facing, I’m looking at the issue of declining libraries and librarians with an attitude of being aware of what society needs in these institutions before they are completely lost to us.

In this installation& performance I displayed statistics of library use on a large chalkboard laid out like a century old stock exchange.
Below these figures I asked the question ‘what dreams stem from reading books’ and ‘what is essential in a library? ‘

For this performance I wore a pin stripe suit and strode from the railway station in Bath to the venue at New Bond Street each performance.

Whilst on site I talked to visitors about the issue, played the part of the ‘lost librarian’ in registering people and giving new members one word from the lost library catalogue and their membership card.

Ideas stemming from this performance:

->   Keep editing and updating the 1000 word catalogue
->  The chalk display board could be displayed alone. (Purpose: conversation starter around library culture)
->Dressing up as an investment banker.  No nonsense. A transformation possible, perhaps short back and sides and transformation as a performance.
->Lost Library installation – like a theatre set.
->Library figures ticking over mechanically, flip display boards.
->Chalk the 1000 words around an urban landscape.
->Wrote and typed lists: Habits of successful librarians, investment bankers and artists.
(habits lists, could extend to other professions and create a catalogue, be an employment agent.)
->Also thought about having sign saying ‘Looking for work – speak to me’ sign and be an agency with real work of some kind (could be very particular work.  Maybe pointless but I actually pay for it.  Not in my nature for it to be pointless, some kind of industry)
->Filled jars with exciting words
->filled jars with honesty (word typed and seeds)
->could respond to the words written by visitors about what is essential in a library.


Linda Vista                  170510      drawing
Fig Tree                                           etching
Honesty line                170618      drawing

Artist  in conversation video series

This has paused while performing Lost Library at FaB and adjusting to working full time.  Currently have three videos awaiting editing.

Really need a mic!

Possibly upload to Instagram Live

I need to add more descriptions to my profile and the video descriptions to make it easier to be found.