Last week, I ran a series of Peace Painting workshops at Priory Witham Academy, organised by Paradigm Arts, who are funding the work.
I worked with Paradigm Arts last year for a series of after schools comics workshops for my illustration practice, and we are planning to launch the Peace Painting project in February at the Art & Design Conference at The Collection.

There was mention of my nemesis: an ACE grant proposal. See my other blog Artist As Carer to know why I can’t risk any more financial neglect.

See this blog for images and information about the week with Year 3.

Wishing you all a very peaceful Christmas and a peaceful New Year!


Since I returned from Norway, I’ve been busy earning some income in my non-art job, and had a meeting with Paradigm Arts, with whom I ran some after schools comics workshops last year in my work as an illustrator.

Next week we have arranged to run 3 funded Peace Painting workshops at Witham St. Hugh’s school.

I’ve been invited to speak at an Art and Design Conference run by Paradigm Arts in February to launch the Peace Painting project.
The conference is attended by teachers and schools wishing to collaborate for arts projects, and we have exciting and ambitious plans for the Peace Painting Project.

Everything is looking positive, and the funding paid for this will provide much-needed match funding for any arts council grant applications, along with the research trip, and it’s good to be supported for this.