I’ve been putting together an Arts Council grant application since March, between caring responsibilities and zero hours contract work, whilst also starting to think about my own practice for Peace Painting.

It’s almost ready to submit, so once I’ve double checked it, this will be submitted by mid May. If successful, I will start work on studio practice from July, with more Peace Painting workshops proposed for September 2017 in the new school year.

I have been making some initial work for my own practice for Peace Painting, developing some ideas and concepts.

And I’m very inspired how the ideas are developing, especially as I’ve found a way to combine this new way of working with my old digital practice, at least, I hope I have. I’m still considering it.

If the application isn’t successful, then I will need to spend more time (that I don’t really have, and will not be paid for) reapplying, and delaying the project.

So fingers crossed that this time it’s successful so I can get on with developing the project and new work further!