Having a week long residency in the cubed space at University of Suffolk has been a really good learning experience. It’s a unique space with some interesting challenges, and I would of loved having an extra week to carry on developing and experimenting my work.

Working in the cubed space was a good learning curve as I had to adapt to working in a different environment and work quickly, I had to think about lighting, space, and limitations (in terms of what was allowed and what wasn’t).

My work tends to be subliminal, allowing people to find there own meaning within my work. I also like working with chance as a theme within my practice, I like the unpredictability as well as the unique outcomes, I also find that this quality creates a stronger connection to the subject matter: the natural world. This is what I focused on whilst I was working in the Cube.

During my time in the Cube I experimented with making eco prints, above is a photo of some of my prints.


After researching Nancy Holt, I was inspired by her buried poems and decided to look into poetry. Apart from studying English Literature at high school, my knowledge of poetry was rather slim. So I started to look into poetry as well as other artists who use poetry within their practice.

I stared having a go at writing my own poetry, and I wanted to have a go at connecting this to nature, which is a common strand within my practice. So I marked out a trail in an area that I  frequently walk in, and started writing poetry that links to specific areas within the trail.

As I am still new to poetry I also wanted to experiment with published poetry, as well as experimenting with my own.


I did a presentation where I looked at what work had previously done as well as what I was working on and where I am thinking of taking my work. By doing presentations I find that I’m able to see links and connections to previous work that I have done as well as looking at my practice in a different light. The presentation also allows me to iron out areas of my practice that need work or clarification. From this particular presentation I found that a key strand within my practice is working with nature in it’s raw form, and contrasting it with the man made. I also find that I am drawn to the notion of action, whether that be the process of making the work or the action of walking.

Some key things for me to think about and improve are:

  • Improve photo documentation of work
  • Experimentation with maps
  • Experimentation with video
  • Chance artwork with nature
  • Use of poetry