Shauna King, Reflecting on Nature, 2020, a series of photographs using a mirror in Abbey Grove wood.

This is the outcome of an experiment where I went to a wooded area with some mirrors and played around with photography.

I was inspired by Robert Smithson and how he plays with displacement.

I purposefully got mirrors that would distort the reflection, I wanted to play with clarity and distortion as this is something you can play around with in photography. I see this work as furthering my exploration with mark making and using nature to create the marks.

I plan to carry on exploring this concept, playing with perception, how much of the mirror you can see and possibly using film so the reflection in the mirror moves.


I have been exploring the concept of mark making with natural material. I’m drawn to working with natural material because I love the chance aspect.

I plan to carry on exploring different types of mark making, I will look at mark making with natural material as well as using natural materials as a utensil to make marks with ink/paint. Looking at the difference between these two different ways of mark making.