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Projection is supposed to take one of the walls of my little cube exhibtion. As I mentioned before, I want the whole exhibition to be focused on emotions. The projection is going to be projecting me changing emotions. I want to experiment with using just my eyes, my mouth, making it go in slow motion and trying to leave the sound in it to make it slightly disturbing/uncanny.
When trying out my projection in the studio space, I could not see anything as my studio space is facing the windows with strong light, so I tried to change the room to see how my projection would work in the light similar to the one inside the cube (the entrance to the cube is in a shape that prevents the light to go fully in the space).
Its not completely dark, but it still allows the projection to be visible.
Here is some screenshots of my video that I recorded today of the projection. I tried to place it in two spaces that felt like the darkest.
: I believe that using a better quality projector will make the projection look way better than it did with my small projector.

I am not 100% sure if I want to use this video and I might try recording another one to have something to compare it to.
I also need to start thinking about the texts that I want to put around the room/ one text on one wall. After I settle down with the video, I will start working on getting maybe some domestic materials. Could be a mirror! (This idea just popped into my head at this moment so Im excited) Mirror ‘mirrors’ the conversation of the person with their emotion. At this moment, I feel like I have too many ideas that I need to narrow down or try!!

Because I felt like I need to write everything down, I created a small sketch/ mind map with all my ideas and connections with all the details and a possible title for my exhibition!
: Because I like my photography more in a colourful effect rather than the black and white, I have decided to try a different approach, creating for example a black bath or using black and white clothes. All those little things will help me connect to the black and white painting and performance video/projection.
: Another thing was deciding what part of the exhibition is going to portray what emotion. That is why I researched how many emotions exist, and although there is dozen emotions that connect to one another, the number that was displayed was 25. All those emotions are written down on the paper that is attached to this post.
With that in mind, I already used some emotions separately: Anger, confusion, surprise and maybe pain. When asked for an opinion from my friends, asking them what emotion they see, one of the responses was ,,Refusing to show how confused you are feeling, trying to act proud + ok and feeling indignant and aggrieved. A mournful loss of understanding”.
when thinking about the detail that could give the series something underneath the skin of it, I thought about my performance. There is 25 emotions. My plan is to have 1 emotion per 25 second, ending with the time of 12,25 minutes (If my calculations are right haha). And then, slowing the video down to 25 minutes. That means that it will be 25 emotions in 25 minutes.
Another idea is to create an animation of 25 minute timer that will reset itself after the 25 minute.
:Hair is another detail, that I will try to focus on more. In my performance video, I will leave my hair being messy and maybe even curly. I want the hair to reflect the emotional state of mind=sad-straight, angry- styled hair that was messed up, all emotions-curly hair all over the place, reflecting all the emotions