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In the past days, I tried another way of working. Meaning using different props/colour.In these pictures below, I used LED lights to put a different mood to the photographs, purple shampoo to make the water purple and a canvas. The idea of using a canvas came to my head when I thought about making the surroundings ‘soft’. But in the end, it made the whole photo look staged-like, which is not what I want. I thought about it, because I really enjoy these pictures and like my expressions in them, but I want my work to be all about the domestic space. Making it a little bit closer to the viewer/audience.

The other ones, without the canvas have a sense of vulnerability, making it look like the pictures were taken in unpredictable moments of someone’s suffering.
DISCLAIMER: In the photos, my mental health is not at risk, my aim is to portray emotions and situations connecting to my idea/project. In these pictures, I am just simply making a use of my acting background.