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In order to have a nice looking video/ a video that I can manipulate with, I had to use of the Adobe programs. I switched between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects (AE because I was silly and thought that PP was the wrong program, but I still learned something, which was unnecessary, but…yeah).
In Premiere Pro, after almost destroying my laptop with anger that nothing is working and everything is too slow, I created a 25 minute video of me changing 25 emotions.

The effects that I used for my video was: cropping, adding grain/noise, changing brightness, sharpening and colour correction. I colour corrected the picture from warm colours to cold colours as seen underneath here:

The reason for cropping of the picture was mostly because in this video, I didnt want my eyes to be seen and I accidentaly moved lower than I wanted and only one of my eyes was in the frame(looking creepy and weird).
I am currently working out some issues on my laptop, downloading some supporting program from my video player, but once I get it working, I will upload the video on my youtube/vimeo account and put the link here. I like updating my posts, so I will be probably updating this one.