Rising to the Challenge

One of the hardest parts of any new period of study, research or creative practice is moving on from older work and managing to keep the creativity flowing. I’ve found this challenging and probably even more so that usual as there is that ‘PhD Pressure’ looming and hovering around. At times, I worry that I’m not making enough or not reading enough. As a part-time researcher, it can be tricky to be comfortable with your time management as there are other commitments to give time to. I chose to study part-time for these reasons as sometimes I do worry – I’ve lots of different hats to wear throughout my week so finding dedicated time to research has it’s ups and downs.

This week has been focused on working on some new audio work that I’ve been developing over the last few months. I’ve managed to get in an afternoon of dedicated editing time and I’m happy with what I achieved. There’s a little more to go for this piece but I’m happy with the progress so far.

As well as editing work, I have been researching articles and texts for further readings and I have been working on some development and admin for an upcoming live performance of my first PhD portfolio piece. There are a few more hours in the day so now I’ve done my dog walk, I can sit back with a (decaff) coffee and dive into ‘Installation Art’ by Claire Bishop (I’ve only been meaning to read it for the last 2 months).

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