Having to ‘report’ at the end of the day is proving useful. Not that I wasn’t focused on doing my work – that is the main focus of everyday, even when I know that it is just not going to happen – but now it seems to be judged. Wether or not anyone is reading this I will never know but that fact that it is here is enough.

Today I have sewn the final whites onto Spectrum – getting worried as about 50% too few. Planning to feed kids lots of messy spagetti with tomato sauce.

Wonderworld nearly fully astroturfed – I am considering a new career in tricology.

Pictures scanned.

School ‘art attack’ afternoon completed – the other parents all now hate me as I got the kids to make multi-coloured party blowers – which of course they all blew at once. What sweet music.


getting the feeling I’m running behind a speeding bus.


A day of madly running (yes actually running) between jobs – this is how I am going to achieve the London Marathon next year (running for RNIB – if you care to sponsor me – all donations gratefully received at http://www.justgiving.com/Sophie-Cullinan

thank you).

Wonderworld looking nicely textural – having collected the electrical bits last night all I need to do now is recut the acetate to make it all fit. Famous last words.

As I am nearing the end of my currently available labels for ‘spectrum’ I will need to have a major clothing cull in order to get it looking as it should. ‘scary scissor wielding moment’ coming up….


Monday – daily report:

Wonderland world – base collected from electrician. Finishing layer started. Tubular knitting lady contacted.

Mutant sputnik artichoke gobstopper looking good!

Spectrum – 12 labels sewn. Rest cut and ironed.

I foresee one small problem – does this public listing of how I make my work remove the exotic mystery of art. Rest assured – I have left out all the deep and meaningful references to baffle you all.


ok so PLAN A has gone slightly wonky. I forgot to plan to plan.

PLAN B – a level of discipline is needed.

Monday – type plan.

Monday to Friday report on progress.

Friday evening – have celebratory glass of wine to congratulate myself on good works done all week.

Here goes….

This week I will:

Finish the ‘Alice World’ ready for christmas Families Workshops. (Mon/Tues/Wed)

Sew all remaining labels onto ‘Spectrum’ (Daily)

Complete flower head and stem on GYO*BYO (INVASION). (Thurs/Fri)

Order electrical equipment for Invasion.

Blog daily. (with pictures).

That’s all folks!