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Shooting wasn’t easy. Making the “lens” for the digital pinhole wasn’t either. Figuring out how to do the exposure compensation throughout the day was hard. Changing angles to better show the people on the platform…all these things happened and I felt super thrilled I was dancing with the music and not being too bothered about restricting myself to shoot from the first angle or to follow a particular rule…I’m enjoying more the process and less worried about restricting my art. “Let it flow!” I tell myself. “I’m doing this because I like it, the world is already full of restrictions, rules and systems that we have to obey…I love this creating process too much be doomed to my own made up concepts. What’s the fun of making art if we can’t be playful; let it flow and happen and enjoy what happens” – I carry on, the conceptual artist I’m trying to break free – at least for this project – from hehehe.

Developing, editing and putting all together…lots of thinking. Should I reshoot?! – NO, remember to do what you feel like. Forget thinking. Feel it. Indeed, I felt I could carry on shooting until I got whatever I FELT it was right. Then after some trials I realised it wasn’t working, I mean not the way it would improve so much to justify. Arghhh, so hard to stop thinking!!!

Then again I remembered to work with the adversity, to let it flow and after looking at the images I had I decided to stick to the first batch, they looked so much better. Not sure if I turn them

into BW, though … leaving it to marinate. Finish Platform-Spring first!

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