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So its 5;44 am and I can’t sleep! like many of you I am navigating the unfolding news and impact on the self employed and all those in the creative sector. It’s worrying times for all with so much uncertainty.

With the announcement this week that the Arts Council are re-directing funds such as Project grants to support artists and NPO’s impacted by Covid, my last glimmer of hope seems to be fading.

I am normally a pretty positive person, I am trying to stay positive, however after months of work, meetings, preparations and form filling, it now all seems for nothing. My project is gone.

Whilst I welcome’s news to support NPO’s, I worry for all those small arts organisations,  creative partnerships and individuals at this point in time.

With the offer of up to £2500 for individuals, there just doesn’t seem like there will be the same level of help from the Arts Council for the little man at the very point we need it most?  as monies get redirected so my last hopes are dashed for support, this was probably my last possible income stream for the foreseeable future.

With children to feed, rent to pay and headful of financial implications to navigate I feel my strength is waning.

So what now….to be honest I just don’t know…after 25 years working in this sector I can honestly say I just don’t know. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently, I will find a glimmer of hope, another creative way through this minefield and crazy situation.

I know I am not alone.

But for now at this point it just feels like free fall…..